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Netherlands Antilles

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Today I left Curaçao to fly to Aruba and after Aruba I will fly to Bonaire. So When I get back home again I will have seen three of the six Dutch tropical islands.
Who ever said it always rains and it is cold in the Netherlands was not paying attention ;-)

Although I have only seen Curaçao I must say I am positively surprised. There is much more to see and do on the island than what I thought could be found. I thought Curaçao was like Aruba, all beach with only one difference a very beautiful capital; Willemstad. Willemstad is really worth a visit, it historic centre is well preserved and the look of the old Dutch houses in these bright colors is absolutely wonderful.

But there is a load more to Curaçao. But do not take a normal East-West tour, ask a cab driver to show you all the beautiful places of the island, because you get to see much more wonderful places in a much shorter time and the
good part is you can get out of the car when ever you want. The tour busses only stop a few times and not always at the best places.
If you are lucky like me and have a friend on the island ask her or him to show you Curaçao. I am sure you are amazed just like I was.


But internet is slow in many places so always save your work before uploading it to your site or blog

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Marsa Alam - Dolphin House Reef

Flipper where are't though?

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Today we went to Gabal el Rosas, a really beautiful reef near our Brayka Bay Reef hotel in Marsa Alam. The first drop off is until 20 meters. And there are some pinnacles at 30 meters, but the long reef at 20 meters is absolutely beautiful so you don’t need to waist your air and go deeper.
We went in a zodiac to the drop off point and that was an adventure in itself. The red sea is still very stormy and we had waves up to two meters. But the reef was worth the circus ride.
Yesterday we went on the sheiks yacht to Dolphin house reef. The Red sea was even more rocky then today and we had waves up to 4 meters. Though we looked very hard there were no dolphins to be found. We made two dives. One on the east point and one on the west point of the reef. But Flipper and his friends never showed up. Guess a Dolphin isn’t a friend of man after all? Or maybe our group wasn’t human enough. Well it didn’t matter because the reef is wonderful with lots to see. So go there anyway if you’re ever in the neighborhood. It’s also good for snorkeling.
On the way back the boat had it rough and it was rocking and rolling, but not the people. Some people went sick, but well shit happens.

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Marsa Alam - Abu Dabab

Looking for mister Dugong

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Marsa Alam

Yesterday I made my Check dive, which is obligated here by the Extra Divers dive center. But that was no punishment, because the housed reef was very nice to start this diving holyday off. What made it especially nice where the huge amounts of lion fish, often you see them alone in the reef hidden under a rock but here they where all together in the open, very nice.
Today I went to Abu Dabab to kook for the Dugong (Sea Cow) but although there was a lot of sea grass we didn’t meet him. We did however met a very big turtle (1,5 to 2 meters long) grazing while we where looking. He didn’t seem to mind us because he just kept on his feeding pattern as if we weren’t there. And a big fich kept his mouth sucked to his shield.
As soon as I can upload the photo’s I’ll show them.
In the afternoon we went to Marsa Asalaya, for the second dive. Although there were a lot of fishes, it wasn’t especially nice because the water here was very murky and visibility was bad.
But all in all it wasn’t a bad day, this first dive day. The water is very nice (25 degrees Celsius at 20 meters) and the outlooks are promising. Tomorrow I go to Dolphin house reef where there should be lots of dolphins, hence the name.
If you want a good preparation and good value for money dive voucher visit: http://www.duikgroepen.nl/

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Leaving Mongolia

Stop thinking and go there.

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After a very beautiful but long drive, due to a “short cut” via a marshland we arrived in our last ger camp. On the way here we made a quick shopping stop at Erdenet city. In this city the Russians run a Copper mine and collect 60% of the profits and the Mongolian government only 40%.
After we settled down in our ger tents we went to visit Amarbayasgalan monastery. This is a very beautiful and big Buddhist monastery and absolutely worth a visit if you’re ever over here in Mongolia.
I’m sad to say that tomorrow we drive back to Ulaanbataar via Darkhan city and we’re going to visit our last monastery in Ulaanbataar, Uran Togoo. This monastery houses an enormous statue of Buddha.
I’ll be sad to leave this country because it’s so beautiful, quiet and houses large pieces of unspoiled nature.
Although there are very few asphalt roads in Mongolia it’s absolutely worth the bumpy rides through this country. So if you’re thinking about a visit, stop thinking and just go, you’ll love it.

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Moron city

Why it’s nicer to visit a local Nadam festival

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Today after a very long drive, 11 hours for 300 kilometres, we finally reached Khuvsgul lake in the north of Mongolia at the border with Russia.

On the way there we made a stop at Moron city to visit the local Nadam festival. Again we saw the 5-year old stallions pass the finish line after their 26 km race and even a horse which had obviously lost it’s jockey, but ran anyway in a horde like manner with the other horses.
We looked at the wrestlers from the jury box and especially the women in our group were very happy because we were close enough to touch these impressive men.
After all this excitement we looked at the ankle bow archers and we came to the conclusion that it’s better to visit this Nadam than the one in Ulaanbataar, because here you can get so close to the athletes that you can literally touch them, which is impossible at the national Nadam in the capital.
After many days of very tiring drives we had a two day stop at the Khuvsgul lake and saw some reindeer and had a nice two hour long horse drive along the shores of the lake. Some of the brave ones among us had a dip in the very cold lake, which couldn’t have been more than 10 to 13 degrees Celsius.

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